Hiking Trails

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Hiking Trails around Clarens
Compiled by Wim Wybenga

-Maintained by the
Clarens Village Conservancy

Kloof Mountain Trail (moderate, 2½ hours, 4,5km) 
The trail begins at either the tennis courts in Berg Street or at the Kloof gate in Hill Street. It involves 160m of climbing followed by a contour path that faces the village of Clarens. The views of the village, Mount Horeb and the distant Maluti Mountain Range have been an inspiration to many visitors. There are alternative routes indicated on the summit, just follow the arrows.

Kloof & Dam Walk (easy; 30 minutes, 250m - 1km) 
These short, leisurely trails form part of the Kloof Mountain Trail, but can be accessed separately. Ideal for dogs to accompany during an early morning jog or a late afternoon stroll. The Kloof Dam is a popular fishing spot for locals. Wild flowers during springtime and late summer months. From the dam one can take a detour to the ‘Kloof’ – the remains of a pine plantation that was planted in the 1950s by Mr Albert van Eeden, a tranquil place with sandstone cliffs, overhangs and a waterfall during the summer period. Return via the Ridge Estate directly south of Hill Street or walk round the dam to seek water birds nesting between the reeds on the Leucosidea trail.

Spruit walk (easy, 30 minutes, 500m) 
A short trail, ideal for dogs to accompany. The path follows the spruit of Clarens past an Oldwood (Leucosidea sericea) scrubforest and through a Lombardi poplar and cedar plantation. The westernmost section of the path is often excessively covered with dew in the mornings during the period October April. The spruit has been cleared of most invasive trees and it is therefore now possible to follow the spruit all the way to the Kloof.

Leucosidea Trail (easy; 1½ hour, 2km) 
An easy walk past the Kloof Dam and its tributaries beyond. During the spring months an abundance of wild flowers occur here. Leucosidea sericea is the scientific name of the oldwood or cheche tree that grows in abundance in the kloofs and on mountainsides of the Clarens area.

Mallen Walk (moderate; 1½ hour, 1 – 3km) 
The Mallen walk involves some climbing followed by an almost level contour path. It has a clear view of Clarens and the distant Red mountains & Maloti. Recommended walk for day visitors to Clarens. Wild flowers during the summer months, interesting rock formations and cliffs. The name of the trails is a combination of two surnames: Malan and Allen. It has two sections that can easily be combined with any of the other trails described here. Start the trail near the tennis courts in Berg Street. Clear signage and arrows to indicate the way.

Scilla Walk (moderate; 1hour, 2,5km) 
The name is derived from the blue Scilla (Merwilla plumbea), a bulbeous plant that is a protected specie. It flowers en-mass from late September-November on sandstone cliffs. An ideal walk to unwind and view splendid mountain scenery. Begin the trail at the sink-roofed reservoir on the Ridge Estate or at the Hill Str. T-junction. Follow the signage.

Sandstone Koppie-Maluti View (easy; 30 minutes, 300m) 
Ideal late afternoon walk to view the sunset over the splendid mountains of the Clarens valley. Maluti View forms part of the Scilla walk. Begin the trail at the Hill Street farm gate and then proceed up the hill on your left. A clear view of the town of Clarens, Kgubetswana and Kanana. Interesting flora e.g. lichen, ferns, succulents and Fynbos.